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September 04 2017

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September 03 2017

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September 02 2017

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August Strindberg, The Town, 1903, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
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Hora Curka
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60 year old historian Martin Bühler (who identified himself to the press, I do not identify activists without consent) appears to ‘photobomb’ a lot of media images of the G20 in Hamburg. In reality he is a long time observer documenting police brutality. In Hamburg he chose to cultivate the most non-activist ‘white bystander in a suit with a bike’ look he could manage and casually walked in front of police. As police slowed down or interrupted attacks and waited for the ‘bystander’ to get out of the way (being caught on camera trashing what look like bystanders is bad press after all), activists had time to regroup or retreat.

this is pretty punk rock

Chaotic good.

acknowledge your privilege and use it against them. 

Using your privilege for good.

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September 01 2017

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Who needs to brush the cat, when you can just cat the brush

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August 31 2017

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“Ты имеешь что-то против?”…

“You have something against it?”

August 30 2017

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Masha The Hero

They forgot the part where the ambulance actually stopped to let the cat in

oh good I was worried

August 25 2017

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August 22 2017

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August 20 2017

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August 19 2017

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