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Too few of us? Then why does Belgium and Netherlands have higher GDP than Poland? By "ruler" I mean having economic and political power to influence EU politics significantly(and because of the actions of our ruling party Poland lost all influence it used to have thanks to previous govt). I believe Belgium and Netherlands are more influential than us. Sorry but the argument of the size of population just doesn't speak to me.

We have this weak economy as you say, beacuse of incompetent, crooked politicians who take advantage of the country and impede economic development. Private businesses are not supported here,it is extremely difficult to establish your own company and even if you manage to do that, then you have to fight everyday with excessive bureaucracy. And now it is going to be even worse with courts that serve the ruling party. 

All other things are legit arguments, if not please look up some articles and read what is happening in Poland because I feel like you've just read about PL not accepting refugees and you think that it's paradise here. I agree these things happen in other countries, but there are democratic institutions in place and you get some sense of justice and that people with power CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Here, with changes to the constituation and one particular law that was passed in Dec 2016 the freedom of the media has been significantly curbed.

I don't want to talk about disabled childern with you, I don't have a stance on that (only that if they live, their parents should be entitled to social support from the govt) But right now reality is that you virtually cannot get an abortion here (even if pregnancy is life threatening to the mother and/or child) and then when you give birth to this disabled child you're not entitled to any help from your govt. It just lacks logic on every level.

And talking about abortion, I could go on and on about the dangers of banning abortion whatsoever (and this is main aim of the ruling party). Just look what happened in Ceausescu's Romania.

To sum, up I feel like Poland is on its way to become the next Turkey (pls read what Erdogan does there), or at least Hungary.


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