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November 04 2018

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Wszystkim zakochanym kobietom mogę podpowiedzieć: szukajcie szacunku.
— "Miłość w kawalerce w Kutnie" Wysokie Obcasy, 25.04.2015
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Photos That look Like Renaissance Paintings

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four men, one smoking - Dimitri Staszewski

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brawling ukrainian politicians - Valentyn Ogirenko  

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man painting with cat in foreground  - Reddit user Ktai_Arterion

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 ted cruz Jason Reed

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man lying in busy street - Joel Goodman

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laughing man framed by grimy window - Leo Berne

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woman baking in sunlight - Bas Uterwijk

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bickering traders on a red couch - Adam Grey

sorry I left the tumblr tracking in, I'm tired...

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