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January 22 2018

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i love how in jurassic park the woman has a phd and cargo shorts is out there solving problems and digging her hands in dinosaur poop for science 

but they still had to have a token sexy character so, instead of the usual screaming blonde with a torn shirt and tight shorts, we have him

the chaos “rock star” scientist who got a tiny bit bloody so he had to open his shirt all the way and rest his injured body in this very practical position

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Yeah, I don’t think all of it is going to happen

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January 21 2018

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January 20 2018

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January 19 2018

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1960: In the future, we'll be able to take a flying car to the moon

2018: We used the data from our porn site to prove everyone in Hawaii relief-masturbated after someone accidentally texted them that they were all about to killed by a missile

(edited: originally it said, it was stress masturbation, which is a false interpretation of the data)

… uff :(
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german communication culture
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